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Melbourne artist Bill Luke ventures into the night streets and laneways hunting for colour and drama, ready to harvest a crop of raw material. Bill claims "not mundane work, but physically demanding, labour stretching. Down come layers of posters, a dozen, twenty thick. The pride of yesterday underneath the immediacy of next week's concert"

He sees in them history, a sense of place, imperfect richness, rare patina and texture a story unfolding layer on layer of the culture of the origin of the poster his opportunity to convert the medium into it's own subject matter.

In his vast, damp, gritty concrete studio where these wall layers are taken, there's an objective, a destination. To give these pieces of paper a new life, and to give them a new story to tell.

*** Update ****

During the past twelve months Bill has completed several works using materials collected while overseas in preparation for his upcoming exhibition.

Bill has also completed four large works on commission for the International Rugby World Cup held in New Zealand September-October 2011.